App Crashing?

Hey EDGE iOS fans...

We often get reports that our app is not behaving optimally for various readers. We understand how frustrating this is, and we'd like to help you, but we do need you to do us a favor. Please don't rate the app and complain in the iTunes Store - that merely hurts our mission and makes it more difficult for us to build you a better LGBT news source. Instead, please write to us at iphone@edgemedianetwork.com so that we can assist you personally. We're dedicated to making sure our app performs for you, but we cannot do that if we have no idea who you are.

Additionally, it helps us if you send in crash reports. When our app crashes, a crash report is generated. That crash log contains extremely important information about when, how and why the crash happened. The crash report is the single most important form of communication you can have with us when you experience a crash.

When you plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod into iTunes and sync it, you should be told that your device contains Diagnostic Data or Crash Report Data or something to that affect and will ask you if you'd like to send it to Apple. Say YES. If you say no to this question, we will never receive your crash reports.

If you don't see the message then one of two things is possible: The less likely reason is that you have no crash reports to send. The more likely reason is that for whatever reason you've previously answered NO to sending crash reports to Apple and have told iTunes not to ask you again.

To fix this, you can right click on your iPhone, iPad or iPod in the iTunes sidebar and select "Reset Warnings." Now when you sync if your iOS device contains crash reports, you will be asked if you want to send them. Again – please say yes.

We thank you for your patience and support while we continue to make you a better app!

Yours sincerely,
The EDGE Team

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For information about or support using our iOS apps, or to inquire about advertising rates, please contact iphone@edgemedianetwork.com.

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