Version Notes

Version 2.3.2 :: May, 2012
    Defect Fixes for iPad
  • Archive button adds text for clarity in mag view
  • Defect wherein videos would not play on some mag pages fixed
  • Home screen now updates when app reenters foreground
  • Subscription correction

Version 2.3 :: January 11, 2012
    Defect Fixes
  • Speed improvements

  • Pull to update for iPhone/iPod touch users!

Version 2.2 :: December 4, 2011
    Defect Fixes
  • Various stability enhancements
  • Click on location to go to a new city
  • Twitter iOS5 integration

Version 2.1 :: October 4, 2011
    Defect Fixes
  • Core data - that'll fix all those DB conflicts that are plaguing everyone!
  • Performance issues and defects based on crash reports.

Version 2.0 :: September 6, 2011
    Defect Fixes for iPhone/iPod
  • Stabilization of upload modules (fewer crashes when returning to the app after backgrounding it).
  • Photoalbum viewer fix.
  • Performance issues and defects based on crash reports.

  • It's all new for the iPad! We've designed a whole new integrated app just for you cooler-than-cool kids out there who have iPads; best of all, you don't need to download a whole new app; simply sync your iPad to your computer to install your existing EDGE app, and it'll now show up in beautiful, colorful full-screen layout on your iPad. Seriously: who's your BFF if not us?

Version 1.9.x :: June 20, 2011
    Defect Fixes
  • Location, login and profile information now stored in database so that if the app crashes you won't have to re-enter them.
  • Fixed bug wherein duplicate stories would occasionally appear in Headlines, Columns and Photoalbums.
  • Corrected issue that caused occasional story titles to be cut-off in the main Headlines table view.
  • Addressed defect that occasionally crashed app when login or location changed called selectors that did not exist.
  • Fixed a variety of other performance and display defects.

  • Loading more stories in Headlines is now available to non-subscribers, thanks to ads included on the story-level.
  • Added Initializing screen to ensure acceptable performance once app starts.
  • Added 'Resources' to Business Directory.
  • Business Directory now includes photos and featured listings.
  • Business owners and staff can now add their business listings directly through the app ('My Listings' in the Profile screen) - including photos.
  • Headline stories now update text and comments even when archived.

Version 1.8.x :: January 4, 2011
    Defect Fixes
  • Fixed defect preventing columns from loading comments.
  • Defaulted base OS to 3.2 (iPod touch fans rejoice!).
  • 1.8.1 addresses crash on startup for those users using iOS < 4.2

Version 1.7 :: October 30, 2010
    Defect Fixes
  • Converted Twitter sharing to oAuth.
  • Updated Facebook sharing to newest release.
  • TONS of minor defect fixes.

  • Supports iOS 4, including multitasking.
  • Provides hi-res graphics for retina displays.
  • Added new User Profile Action Sheet, permitting users to log into EDGE accounts, upload photos, change handles, subscribe and change locations (please note that changing your handle via story comments and business reviews has been deprecated).
  • Altered menu system to change color as new locations are selected.
  • Incorporated iAds.
  • New section: weather! Catch current conditions and your seven-day forecast right from EDGE.
  • Users can now log business listing reviews directly from the app.
  • Additional minor enhancements.

Version 1.6 :: April 27, 2010
    Defect Fixes
  • Fixed language in Giveaway Rules.
  • Corrected 'email to a friend' issue where links did not correctly appear.
  • Corrected Twitter feed issue where links did not correctly appear.
  • Corrected display of story author credentials.

  • Load More Stories :: Subscribers can now load archived stories into their app
  • Load More Photos :: Subscribers can now load archived photo albums into their app

Version 1.5 :: April 1, 2010
    Defect Fixes
  • Updated Facebook connect to correct ongoing issues with that API
  • Corrected display issues with modular login dialog

  • Giveaway Center! :: Enter to win TONS of free stuff in our Giveaway Center - all it takes is a subscription and a single tap to enter!
  • Reloading Screens :: Reload buttons have been relocated to the navigation bar for easier access, and the update pop-up has been redesigned as a progress bar
  • Twittering :: You may now use Twitter in all share screens
  • Levels of State :: The app now remembers where you last exited up to two levels of activity
  • Column Commenting :: You can now add comments to columns
  • Story footers :: In Headlines and Columnists, sharing and commenting have been moved to a new footer view
  • Back/forward :: In Headlines, Columnists and the Giveaway Center, you can now move between stories/giveaways with new navigation at the top right of the detail screen

Version 1.4 :: March 4, 2010
    Defect Fixes
  • Corrected year-end date issue that prevented news from displaying
  • Fixed issues with special characters preventing downloads under certain conditions
  • Fixed defect wherein headlines would continually load when a city is not chosen
  • Removed duplication of location bar (memory issue)
  • Fixed problem with listings not showing complete information after they've been recategorized
  • Read articles now turn black immediately, rather than on table refresh

  • Email :: App now uses Apple's Message Service to send email, rather than having to quit the app
  • Login/Register :: You may now log into or register for an EDGE network account
  • Comments :: Headline stories now include comments, and you may add them via the app
  • Keeping State :: When you load the app, it returns you to the last section you visited
  • Weekdays :: In the Directory section, ordering by day of week now sorts Monday-Sunday
  • Subscriptions :: For details on this functionality, please visit our subscription page

Version 1.3 :: November 5, 2009
    Defect Fixes
  • Fixed issue wherein App failed to update Business Listings upon initial load
  • Addressed issue with old ads never expiring (doh!)
  • Corrected time-zoning for once-daily updates
  • Corrected date and location displays for Columnists and Photo Albums
  • Fixed bug in Business Listings and Headlines wherein local stories would not load after app quit
  • Corrected issue with inactive Business Listings never disappearing from the app
  • Stabilized location bar by moving it above the channel list on Headlines screen
  • Addressed a number of other minor display issues for greater stability

  • Business Listing Categories :: Now, search business listings via a range of categories (not just alpha)
  • Location Picker :: By popular request, you can now reset your app back to the default national scope (United States)
  • Multi-threaded loading :: Stories, Columns, Photo Albums, Business Listings and more now load in a background process. No more waiting!

Version 1.2 :: October 10, 2009
    Defect Fixes
  • Fixed nominal display issues
  • Fixed occasional author display issue
  • Corrected app reset issue

  • Added new location bar to all screens, that shows the user's current target city as well as refresh and information buttons
  • Users can now choose a targeted location city and retrieve local news, photos and business listings from that city
  • Added information menu that provides information, email links and other tools
  • Added Directory tab that displays local businesses, nightlife venues, hotels and restaurants
  • Added location and date stamps to all stories (by popular request)
  • Increased speed of download and story parsing
  • Users are now forced to update feeds only once per day; a manual reload button permits more frequent updates
  • Added banner ads to the application on selected screens

Version 1.1 :: May 28, 2009
    Defect Fixes
  • Fixed occasional display bug in stories table cell height
  • Correct channel now displays at story level
  • Fixed display bug preventing last photoalbum in list from being fully viewed
  • Fixed bug that kept certain windows popped during quick shutdown
  • When users change channels, the story scroll now pops to the top of the list

  • Added ability to manually scrub story database
  • Users can now choose how long to keep stories in their iPhone
  • Ability to share articles and photoalbums via email and Facebook
  • Removed tab bar at story level for easier reading
  • Story and photoalbum thumbnails now preload
  • Added new tab bar section for columnists/bloggers
  • Added the ability to share the EDGE iPhone app with a friend
  • Photoalbums can now be viewed in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Users can view full photoalbum captions
  • Photoalbums now indicate how many photos are in each album

Version 1.0 :: April 9, 2009
  • Seven channels of content: News, Entertainment, Style, Business, Health/Fitness, Technology, Travel and Nightlife
  • On- and off-line viewing of stories
  • Slideshow viewing of EDGE photo albums from around the world

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