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Beginning with Version 1.4 of our app, we are offering subscriptions. Readers can opt to subscribe to EDGE for $1.00 per month, or $10.00 for 12 months.

So why are we asking you for money?

Well, it’s getting increasingly difficult for journalists to make a buck (and by 'journalists' we don’t mean bloggers – they get their news from us). Many advertisers don’t much care if the gay press get to eat; they’re awfully busy trying to sell to you on search engines and social networks. Problem is, those dollars go to big companies, not to companies like EDGE. It’s why you keep reading about LGBT newspapers downsizing and dying.

At EDGE, we’re committed to investigative local journalism, reporting on trends in our community, and sharing the stories of LGBT individuals on a daily basis. Guess what: to do that, we need your help.

We’re don't intend to force you to pay for our content; that would deviate from our core mission. But we’re not too proud to ask you for a buck a month voluntarily. Even that small amount of assistance from our sizeable iOS community would help us defray the costs of developing new technology and features for our app, and will go a long way toward feeding the writers and photographers whose work you enjoy here.

Since we launched our app in April of 2009, we’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback and vocal appreciation of our iOS audience. We thank you for telling us what you think, how you’d like to see our platform evolve… and we thank you now for your consideration as we ask for your help.

All this is not to say we don't appreciate our new patrons. In thanks for your subscription, we'll allow you to remove ads from the app, and we're always looking to build advanced features just for you.

So please subscribe, and help us continue our important work. Remember, we’re EDGE. We’re not too proud to beg. And if we can help you in return, let us know. Working together: it’s what community is all about.

Yours sincerely,
The EDGE Team

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